In December 2011 I will start to deliver a professional course for developing cross platform web applications in PHP. I deliver this course through the external studies unit of HIT.

The programming language selected for the server side is PHP. Most of the course focuses on PHP. The rest of the hours are allocated for complementary technologies and especially the ones that reside in the client side (web browser) including HTML5, jQueryMobile, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and others. Towards the end of the course we will cover Zend Framework.

During the course the students will practice their knowledge in three different ways. Small assignments that aim at acquiring the required programming skills, small practical projects that aim at acquiring the practical experience and a final practical project developed in parts during the course.

The main topics we are going to cover in this course are:
Zend Framework

In addition, we aim at practicing the acquired skills in social related projects, such as facebook applications, mobile telephones hybrid applications, web browsers plugins and applications that interact using REStful web services with various social networks.

Our coverage for the facebook platform will be carried within the scope of the hours that are allocated for each one of the topics and will include a coverage for Facebook Graph API, Facebook JavaScript SDK and a coverage for the Facebook PHP SDK. In addition, we will learn how to use the Facebook social plugins.

The course starts on December 30th and it includes 36 weekly meetings of 5 academic hours each (1800-2200). In total, the course includes 180 academic hours.

During the course the students will get access to all of the training material (soft copy) at

The official syllabus can be found at

During the course the students will use a realworld server connected to the web in order to allow them a true practical experience.

The course google group is available at!forum/hit-php-december-2011.

The detailed plan can be found at

During the course we will present selected projects developed by the students at

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