I have recently started to learn the F# functional programming language. If you are already familiar with functional programming languages such as Haskell, OCaml and Scala, learning F# should be fairly easy.

Knowing F# you will be able to enjoy the benefits of functional programming and will be able to write shorter and simpler to maintain code while enjoying all benefits from using the .NET framework.

Following my experience so far developing applications in F#, I chose to start and develop the F# Fundamentals course. You can find it available for free personal usage at www.abelski.com. I have recently completed to develop the slides for the first topic of this on going course.

The following video clip explains how to develop a simple Hello World application in F#. You can find more video clips that will assist you doing the first steps in my new dedicated YouTube playlist for learning F#.

Should you encounter a video clip that leaves you with open questions please don’t hesitate and place a comment with your question for that clip.

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