The facebook platform allows us to integerate our web site with their platform by embedding its social plugins into our web page. Embedding a social plugin into a web page is done by copying a short code. Most of the available plugins can be embedded using either a simple HTML or a simple XFBML code. In order to embed XFBML code into our web page we must use the facebook JavaScript SDK.

I have recently completed to develop a short course that explains everything you need to know in order to add facebook social plugins to your web site. The community version of this course is available for free personal and academic usage at The commercial professional version is available at

You can find abelski short demonstration for adding the facebook social plugins to a web page at

The following video clips were taken from the facebook social plugins course I developed, and they include a short demonstration for using the facebook social plugins.

The I Like Button Plugin

The Facebook Recommendations Plugin

The Facebook Like Box Plugin

The Facebook Activity Feed Plugin

The Facebook Livestream Plugin

The Facebook Facepile Plugin

The Facebook Comments Plugin

The Facebook Login Button Plugin

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