The Facebook platform has significantly changed during the last year. The three most important changes were the emergence of the Facebook Graph API, the Facebook JavaScript SDK and the Facebook Social Plugins. For each one of these three topics I chose to develop a professional course. These courses are available at The community version is available for free personal and academic usage at

The Facebook Graph API allows us to interact with the facebook platform directly. We can use it both for getting and for adding data. Learning how to use it is much simpler than learning how to use FQL (Facebook Query Language).

The Facebook JavaScript SDK allows us to write code that interacts with the facebook server from the web browser directly. Doing so we can eases our application server side. This capability also sets new possibilities for innovative hybrid mobile applications, cool web browsers plugins and innovative new web applications. In addition, the Facebook JavaScript SDK enables us to develop facebook applications in a simpler way and without having the need to learn FBML (in most cases).

The Facebook Social Plugins allow us to integrate the facebook platform into our web site by copying simple HTML/XFBML code snippets into our HTML code. Web masters can easily integrate the facebook platform into their web site.

You can watch few samples for the topics covered in these courses watching the video clips listed in my Facebook Youtube Playlist.

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