The Dart programming language uses classes and interfaces similarly to Java, C# and PHP. Dart supports single inheritance similarly to Java, C# and PHP. Dart supports multiple interfaces implementation similarly to Java, C# and PHP. As in Java and in C# every class inherits (by default) from the Object class. The classes can have public and private members. The public accessibility is the default one. Dart supports a special shorthand syntax for accessing class properties, similarly to properties in C#.

class Rectangle
  double _width;
  double _height;
  Rectangle(double w,double h)
    width = w;
    height = h;
  get width => _width;
  set width(size) => (size>0)?_width=size:_width=10.0;
  get height => _height;
  set height(size) => (size>0)?_height=size:_height=10.0;
  area() => width * height;
  perimeter() => 2*(width+height);

  var ob = new Rectangle(3.2,4.4);
  ob.width = 20.2;
  ob.height = -4.1;
  var area = ob.area();
  print("area is $area");

The following video clip overviews this code sample, shows its execution and explains it.

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