It is well known, that a good software developer is, among other things, someone who is capable to learn new technologies on his own. In order to maintain the learning capabilities we have in software development, it is a must to continue learning new technologies, such as new programming languages, new frameworks, and new libraries. Staying in the comfort zone and stop taking courses or alternatively learning on our own, will eventually result in severe damage to our learning capabilities. At some point, as we aren’t getting younger, the damage will be irreversible. Software developers should know that they must continuously improve their learning capabilities, or at least maintain the ones they have. Otherwise, at some point, they might become irrelevant. The public professional courses we deliver were developed specifically for experienced software developers who already have families and with limited time at home to put on learning. Most of the learning process in our public professional courses take place within the meetings themselves. Each meeting includes around 30-40% hands-on.

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