On February 18th 2010 I lectured about open source projects in Ariel College. The lecture focused on PHP open source web applications projects and included a short demonstration for installing a Joomla! based web site.

During the lecture various open source projects were mentioned. You can find URL addresses for downloading these projects as well as for getting more information within the slides I used during the lecture. The slides are available for download at the following URL addresses: introduction, architecture,
installation and administration.

There are various PHP environments you can install on your desktop in order to test drive open source projects you are interested at. XAMPP, the one we used in class is one of them. XAMPP is available for free download at www.xampp.org. You can find a short video clip that explains how to install XAMPP on your desktop at http://www.phpbook.co.il/wordpress/?p=107.

You can find the list of the available israeli domains accredited registrars at http://www.isoc.org.il/domain_heb/accredited_registrars.html.

If interested in learning PHP I recommend you to check my book (in hebrew) available for free at www.PHPBook.co.il. In addition to the book itself, this web site includes short video clips that explain specific topics in PHP. All content on that web site is available for free personal and academic usage.

Good Luck!

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