On January 29th I will deliver a webinar about Android applications development. You can download the slides and the code. You can find the recording of this webinar at www.anymeeting.com/abelski.

I will be more than happy to get your feedback as comments for this post so I could improve towards the next time.

An article (in Hebrew) that guides how to select a course for learning mobile applications development can be found at http://hit.abelski.com/wordpress/?p=279.

More info about the Android Java Applications course I deliver in HIT can be found at http://www.xperato.com/hit/hitandroid.html.

More info about the PHP Cross Platform Web Applications course I deliver in HIT can be found at http://www.xperato.com/hit/hitphp.html.

You can find a detailed post with video clips that explains how to install the required software tools in order to develop Java applications for the android platform at http://www.lifemichael.com/en/2009/10/android-jump-start-pro/.

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