Technion Android Crash Course Final Projects <font size=-2><a href= target=_blank>INFO</a></font>

During Summer 2012 semester I delivered together with Dr. Amnon Dekel an academic crash source for android applications development. The course took place in the Technion (Electrical Engineering faculty). The final project the students developed was a sensors tracking application. Once the application is installed and the service is started the data is continuously collected […]

The Zend Framework Zend_Locale Component <font size=-2><a href= target=_blank>PRO</a></font>

Using the Zend_Locale component we can represent different locales. Each locale is a combination of a language and a country. Usually we will set the default locale of our application during the execution of our bootstrap file. Zend_Locale::setDefault(‘he_IL’); There are various possible ways for using the Zend_Locale. The following code sample creates new Zend_Locale objects […]

The Zend Framework Zend_Log Component <font size=-2><a href= target=_blank>PRO</a></font>

Using the Zend_Log component we can easily write log messages tracking the execution of our code. We can write these messages to various destinations, such as a plain text file or a database. //writting log message $logger = new Zend_Log(); $writer = new Zend_Log_Writer_Stream(‘zfapp.log’); $logger->addWriter($writer); // attaching formatter to the writer $format = ‘%timestamp%: %priorityName%: […]