The Most Popular Programming Languages

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Many programming languages that were created over the years. What each and every programming language is mostly used for?

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What is the First Programming Language you Should Learn?

There are many considerations when choosing the first programming language to start with. If your target is acquiring the knowledge and skills to find a job in software development, make sure you are aware of the fact that learning a specific programming language is just the beginning. The required knowledge and skills when looking for a job in software development don’t sum up to knowing one specific programming language. Learning a specific programming language is just the beginning. If you already know the software development domain you target I strongly recommend you to consult and hear the opinion of professional software developers, and only after that, as a derivative of the domain you are aiming at, build the appropriate training program and choose within it the programming languages that you should learn.

The Python Programming Language

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It is currently used mainly in automation, data science, and cyber. Other uses, and significantly less common, include the development of server-side software systems and the server-side development of web applications.

The JavaScript Programming Language

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It is currently used mainly in developing the code that runs on the client side of web applications, also known as Front End Development. Another particularly common use is in developing the server side of web applications using Node.js. Learning the JavaScript programming language is necessary so that you can learn how to develop the client side using React.js and so that you can learn how to develop the server side using Node.js. Also, without learning the JavaScript language, it will not be possible to learn how to develop in TypeScript. Without a good knowledge of TypeScript, learning how to develop the client side using Angular will not be possible.

The Java Programming Language

The Java programming language, along with the JavaScript and Python programming languages, is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. In the past (about 20 years ago), it was the most popular programming language, and by a significant margin compared to the others. Over the years, its popularity has waned. Today, the Java programming language is mainly used in the development of the server side and in developing applications for the android operating platform. Several years ago, the Kotlin programming language appeared. The development of applications for the android platform is done in Kotlin.

The Kotlin Programming Language

JetBrains developed the Kotlin programming language. Code written in Kotlin can be translated into Java Byte Code, which can be easily integrated into any software developed in Java. The Kotlin programming language is the leading language in developing native applications for the Android operating system. If you think about learning how to develop applications for the Android platform, make sure you read the post Android Applications Development Problematic Learning Curve, that was published on life michael website. 

The Scala Programming Language

The Scala programming language was developed by Martin Odersky of EPFL. The development of the language began in 2001 based on the Java programming language. Code we write in Scala can be translated into Java Byte Code and therefore can be easily integrated into software that was already developed in Java. The Scala programming language complements Java with all the capabilities it lacks. The Scala programming language is considered a functional programming language (in addition to supporting the ability to write object-oriented code). The Scala programming language is currently used mainly in the development of complex server-side systems that deal with large amounts of data.

The Swift Programming Language

Apple developed the Swift programming language to replace the Objective C programming language, previously used in developing applications for Apple’s operating systems, such as macOS, iOS, and iPadOS. Today, developing native applications for these operating systems mainly uses Swift, and because of that, it is highly recommended to avoid Objective-C. 

The C# Programming Language

Microsoft developed the C# programming language as the leading language for the .NET Framework. The .NET framework facilitated software development for the Windows operating system. In 2016, the first version of .NET Core appeared. It replaces the .NET Framework and sets the foundation for developing software applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux. The C# programming language is the primary language of .NET Core.

The TypeScript Programming Language

TypeScript is the leading language for writing code and translating it into JavaScript. Today, there is a tendency to use TypeScript in particularly complex client-side development (for example, the client-side of the VS Code development environment) and server-side development using Node.js (when it comes to particularly complex systems). The TypeScript programming language is an extension of the JavaScript programming language. When it comes to client-side development using Angular, you must first learn TypeScript, as this is the main programming language for developing software applications using Angular.

The PHP Programming Language

More than 78% of all websites use the PHP programming language on their server side. The PHP programming language is still very popular. The PHP programming language appeared in 1995. In 1997, Andy Gutman and Zev Sorsky, two Technion students, developed an improved version of PHP as part of an elective course, which later formed the basis for the development of Zend Engine, the engine for running code in PHP. The PHP programming language is mainly used to develop the server side of web applications.

The C++ Programming Language

The C++ programming language still has its place in object-oriented programming courses taught in many educational organizations, including academic institutions. The C++ programming language is mainly used to develop Real-Time systems. The C++ programming language is still considered to be quite popular by many popularity indexes.

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