Python is The Most Popular Programming Language

python popularity
Python is probably the most popular programming language in the world. Its easy learning curve is probably the main factor for that.

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There are many ways to check the popularity of the different programming languages. The TIOBE Index is one of them. According to TIOBE Index, Python is the most popular programming language.

The TIOBE Programming Languages Popularity Index

This index is based on an algorithm that uses publicly available data. Most of the data is obtained when queries containing the name of the language are made in the various search engines. This index covers searches on Google, Google Blogs, MSN, Yahoo!, Baidu, Wikipedia, and YouTube. This index is updated once a month.

Python Popularity
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Other Programming Languages Indexese

Other well-known indices for testing the popularity of programming languages include, among others, GitHub and StackOverflow. When checking the popularity of the various programming languages according to these two indicators, it appears that Python is still the most popular programming language.

The popularity index is only one factor that is relevant when we choose the programming language we want to learn or when choosing the programming language we want to use in the development of the product or service we work on. We will be happy to assist you in making the best decision for you or the project you work on. 

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