Lectures Captured on Video

lectures captured on video
Every training and every lecture we deliver is captured on Video. The video clips we create are handed over to the trainees.

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We capture on video every synchronous training we deliver. We make the video clips available to the training participants. Whether it is a lecture, personal training, seminar, or course, we want to allow the training participants to watch it again in order to recall the explanations of the topics we went over even after the training has already ended.

Effective Meetings Preparation

The possibility to watch a video recorded during a meeting that took place during the course helps the students in the course to arrive better prepared for any future meeting in the course.

Catching Up with The Course

Sometimes it happens that students have to miss sessions for personal reasons. Recording every session during the course allows those students to complete the material effectively and thus continue the course and get the most out of it despite the missed sessions.

Effective Learning

Through the video clips that are created at the end of each lecture, the students in the course can effectively repeat the material learned in each session. The possibility to repeatedly watch created video clips is especially helpful for those students who have ADHD.

We do our best in every training to provide the best service. As part of this effort, we chose to capture on video every training that is delivered. We do so for many years.

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