Learning Programming with Flowcharts

Learning Programming with Flowcharts
Flowcharts can be very useful when learning the first programming language. We can create the flowcharts manually, using dedicated software and we can even generate them automatically for code that already exists.

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The first step in programming studies is understanding what an algorithm is. The use of flowcharts helps with this because it makes it easy to describe basic algorithms without knowing the syntax rules of specific programming languages.

Creating Flowcharts when Learning Programming

There are many ways through which we can create flowcharts. We can draw them using paper and a pen (or pencil). We can alternatively use a specific program for creating diagrams, and we can also use software applications that were designed specifically for creating flowcharts. One of these software applications is the Diagram Designer

Converting Code in Python to Flowcharts

The pyflowchart library allows us to create flow charts based on code we already have in Python.  

Python Flowchart

The pyflowchart library allows us to create HTML files with flow chart diagrams. We just need to specify the filename that includes the code and the name of the HTML file we want pyflowchart to generate for us. 

Python Flowchart

The video at https://youtu.be/AY0GdhbixXk explains how to install and how to use the pyflowchart library. 

The pyflowchart is highly useful when doing the first steps. It creates flowcharts that assist with understanding the code. We use flowchart when explaining the basic topics in the Introduction to Programming in Python course. This course is available on Udemy. We strongly believe that pyflowchart can be highly useful for those doing their first steps. 

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