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We have recently completed the development of our premium courses new websites.

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We deliver many courses and seminars in a very large variety of subjects. The courses we deliver include premium courses (about 16 courses delivered synchronously as of this time), asynchronous courses in Hebrew (about 4 asynchronous courses in Hebrew which are available at life michael academy, and in addition additional asynchronous courses which are currently under development and include both courses in Hebrew and courses in English), and asynchronous courses in English which are available on Udemy (about 30 courses as of this time). For each of the premium courses there is a separate website. In addition, we develop programming courses for kids, and for those courses we created the life michael kids website. 

Separated Websites

For each of the premium courses, there is a separate website. The URL addresses of these websites start with https://lifemichael.com/courses/. The name of the course come right after (e.g. python, java, scala, nodejs, reactjs, go, php, cpp, csharp, etc.). 

Websites Direct Navigation

The website of one of the premium courses has a navigation tab that allows direct navigation between the websites. 

Premium Programming Courses

We continuously update the websites of our premium online programming courses with relevant information, both for the course and for the domain the course covers. 

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