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תמונת באנר של פוסט בנושא לימוד תכנות באופן מעשי באמצעות תרגול life michael קורסים בתכנות
Just as you don't learn swimming by correspondence, you can't learn programming without hands-on experience writing code. It is important to practice and get feedback. The feedback is an important element in the learning process.

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Practical Practice by Coding Exercises
In order to help students that study programming, we develop courses that include coding exercises. In each coding exercise, the student is asked to write code and immediately submit it for an automatic evaluation. These courses are available on Udemy.

Courses for Software Developers in Hightech Companies
We deliver premium professional training to software developers in high-tech companies. In these training sessions, we provide the students with access to the relevant coding exercises courses we developed on Udemy. More information about our premium standard in courses for software developers can be found in the presentation we prepared. In addition, as part of our Extreme Blended methodology and in accordance with the needs in class, we might develop additional coding exercises.

Public Premium Programming Courses
In our public premium courses, the students get free access to the relevant coding exercises we developed on Udemy.  More information about the standard of our premium public courses can be found in the presentation we prepared.

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