Generics in TypeScript

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When using TypeScript we can start using types when creating new variables. That allows us many more capabilities. Generics is one of them.

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Many programming languages, such as C#, Java, Kotlin, Swift (and many others), already support the use of Generics. TypeScript, which allows us to specify types when creating variables, also allows us to use Generics. 

Difficulties in Learning Generics in TypeScript

Generics is not a simple topic. It becomes even more difficult to learn Generics without any background in programming languages that support Generics, such as Java and C#. 

The Professional Seminar Generics in TypeScript

We have recently completed the development of a new professional seminar that focuses on the use of Generics in TypeScript. Its name is Generics in TypeScript

We continuously develop new professional seminars that focus on specific advanced topics. The Generics in TypeScript is one of them. We would be very glad to get your thoughts about topics for which you would like us to develop new dedicated professional seminars.

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