The ‘Lambda Expressions in Kotlin’ Course

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This course focuses on the use of lambda expressions in Kotlin. This course fits developers that are already familiar with this Kotlin.

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Functions in Kotlin are not Objects

Similarly to Java, in the Kotlin programming language, a function is not an object. Similar to Java, the developers of the Kotlin programming language also developed for us (the developers) the possibility to use Lambda Expressions to allow us to transfer certain functionality to another place in the program to be executed there. The following video clip was taken from the ‘Lambda Expressions in Kotlin‘ course that we developed at Udemy. The video is in English and can be watched using YouTube’s automatic subtitles.

The Lambda Expressions in Kotlin course on Udemy

We develop many courses on Udemy. Some of them are intended for those who are taking their first steps in software development, and some are intended for experienced programmers who wish to acquire a deep understanding of specific topics. So, for example, the Lambda Expressions in Kotlin course.

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