Lambda Expressions in Java

learning lambda expressions in java
Using lambda expressions in Java our code can become shorter and simpler to maintain. Especially when calling higher order functions.

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Unlike programming languages such as JavaScript and Python, in Java, a function is not an object. As a result of that, when we want to pass over a specific functionality to another part of our program, we cannot just pass over the function as we do in JavaScript and Python. The only way to pass over a specific functionality to another part of our program in Java is to define a class, define the functionality as a function in that class, instantiate the class, and pass over the reference for the object we created to another function (another part of our program). Using lambda expressions simplifies the procedure through which we define a class, instantiate it, and pass over the reference for the newly created object. 

Nested & Inner Classes in Java

When using a lambda expression in Java it is usually instead of using an anonymous nested class. In order to understand how lambda expressions work in Java it is crucial to understand the topic nested classes. You can catch up with this topic either by taking the Inner Classes in Java course we developed on Udemy or the Inner Classes in Java seminar. If you need to catch up with more topics we recommend you to go over our other courses and seminars.

Lambda Expressions in Java

You can start learning how to use Lambda Expressions in Java right away by taking the course Lambda Expressions in Java, that we developed on Udemy. You can alternatively take the seminar Lambda Expressions in Java, one of the many seminars that we deliver. 

The Extreme Blended Methodology

Both the public synchronous training (courses and seminars) and the private one (courses and seminars we deliver to companies) are delivered using the Extreme Blended methodology. 

The One on One option

Catching up with topics that we are not familiar with is very common. In some cases, we might recommend you on the one-on-one option. 

Java was created before more than 25 years. During the years that passed many new programming languages have emerged. Java stayed behind. The addition of Lambda Expression to Java is just one step forward. The gap between Java and the modern programming languages is still big. In some cases we might recommend our clients to explore moving forward to other programming languages, and more modern, such as Kotlin or Scala

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