Kids Learning Python
Python's learning curve is very friendly. This is one of the reasons why many will recommend learning Python as the first programming language.

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The Python programming language is the programming language that will usually be recommended to learn as the first programming language, whether it is students who are taking their first steps or children who show some interest in software development.

Can Children Take The Python Programming Course?

In some cases, the Python Programming course might suit younger people. It is usually a question of whether the cognitive capabilities and the required motivation are sufficient. Please note that instead of taking the synchronous Python Programming course, there is an asynchronous course for learning Python you can find at Taking that course you have 14 days to regret and get your money back. This way, it is possible to give it a try without taking risks. You might also find interesting the Introduction to Programming in Python course, that we developed on the Udemy platform. This one (unlike the other two that were developed in Hebrew) was developed in English. Taking a course on Udemy you have 30 days to regret and get your money back (in accordance with Udemy terms and conditions).

Would it Be Better Starting with Scratch or Python?

The Scratch programming language is a visual programming language. You can develop in Scratch even when you don’t know English. If it is a child who already knows the English language (at the basic level) and already has the ability to write text in English using the computer, we recommend Python. Learning the Python programming language will be a much better basis for the child’s continued professional development in this field (learning other programming languages).

The Kids Learn Programming Group on Facebook

We strongly recommend you to join the Kids Learn Programming group on facebook. This group focuses on everything that is related to teaching kids how to program. 

You can find more information about our programming courses for kids at life michael kids. Please note that this website has two versions (in Hebrew and in English).

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