Joining The Python Programming Course

Joining The Python Programming Course
It is still possible to join the Python Programming course. Excellent opportunity for Python developers that just want to learn the advanced topics.

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The Python Programming course developed for people with background in programming. Similarly to all the other premium courses we run, this course is also limited to 10 participants. The course covers both basic and advanced topics. 

The Course That Started on December 19th, 2023

There are still a few available seats in the Python Programming course that started on December 19th. Programmers who already know the Python programming language can still join (starting from the 5th session at the latest) and benefit from a special price based on a proportional discount depending on the stage at which they join. For example, given that the full price for the course that started on December 19th is 5940 NIS (5049 NIS for a returning student), the relative price for joining starting from the fourth meeting of the course is 4667 NIS (3967 NIS for a returning student).

Full Access to The Training Material

Those who choose to join the course at this stage will get full access to all the training materials and all the video recordings of all sessions, including the sessions that took place at the beginning of the course.

Entitlement to all the Benefits the Course Participants Deserve

Anyone who joins the course at this stage will enjoy all the benefits the course participants get, including the right to join future cycles of the course (subject to available seats), and the free access to relevant courses that we have developed at Udemy.

Excellent way to Learn Advanced Topics

The course includes (besides the basic topics) also advanced topics, including object-oriented programming, functional programming, and parallel programming. The detailed list of topics that the course includes along with the detailed program of the course can be found at Joining the course at a late stage is an excellent way to catch up with the advanced topics at a low fee.

Option to Pay in 12 Installments without Interest

It is possible to pay with up to 12 installments without any interest. Similar terms to those we offer in all of our premium courses.

In order to join the Python Programming course at this stage please contact us directly at info [@] 

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