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We recommend everyone who is interested in learning programming to take their first steps independently, and try to learn the basic topics on their own.

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The JavaScript Jump Start Meetup

On February 14th, 2022, we delivered a meetup that was dedicated to those that want to take their first steps with JavaScript. The meetup took place online and it was delivered worldwide in English. This meetup was captured on video. 

The JavaScript (en) Playlist on YouTube

We produced nearly 100 video clips that explain (in English) various topics in JavaScript. You can find these video clips on the JavaScript (en) playlist on YouTube. Similarly, we also produced nearly 40 video clips that explain (in Hebrew) various topics in JavaScript. You can find them at JavaScript (he) playlist on YouTube. 

The Front End Development Course

The Front End Development course focuses on the client-side JavaScript programming language and is delivered synchronously. Detailed information regarding the training features of this course can be found in the presentation at the link https://tinyurl.com/lifemichaelpremiumpubtraining. Those who complete this course are recommended to continue their studies in web applications development and sign up to learn Node.js, CSS and React.js. Other possible development directions include learning PHP and Angular.

Online Courses on The Udemy Platform

We continuously develop online courses on the Udemy platform. We develop many courses about many different topics in software development. Many of these courses cover topics in the JavaScript programming. Some of these courses focus on coding exercises. 

Tailored Training Services for Software Developers in High-Tech Companies

We have many years of experience in delivering training for software developers in high-tech companies. We have deliver courses in the JavaScript programming language for more than 25 years. Apart from JavaScript, we also provide training for software developers in other programming languages, such as Python, Java, PHP, C#Scala, Kotlin. The rich experience we have in such a large variety of programming languages allows us to deliver focused and efficient trainings that are based on prior knowledge of specific other programming languages. In this way, the training participants will be able to benefit from focused and short explanations that are based on prior knowledge of another programming language. More information about the characteristics of the training services we provide to organizations can be found in the presentation at https://tinyurl.com/lifemichaelpremiumcorptraining. We provide our training services for organizations both in Hebrew and in English. The training materials have already been developed in English.

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