Java Fast Track for C++ Developers

java course for c++ developers
We can provide the fastest training possible for the Java programming language tailored specifically for C++ developers.

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The Java programming language was developed on the basis of the C++ programming language. A standard course for learning Java that was developed for programmers without prior knowledge of C++ includes many topics that are very similar to the topics that exist in C++. An instructor who teaches a Java course to students who already know C++ can save a lot of time in the training process by basing the explanations of the various topics on how those topics exist in C++. To do this successfully, the instructor must know the C++ programming language.

Experience of More Than 20 Years with Excellent Results

Our experience teaching professional C++ developers how to develop in Java lasts more than 20 years. The success ratio of the training we delivered is relatively high. 

The Java Fast Tract for C++ Developers Seminar

The Java Fast Track for C++ Developers professional seminar was developed in order to assist companies in a need for a fast and effective Java training for C++ developers. We can, of course, introduce changes and adjust this seminar for the students’ exact needs. We deliver this seminar (as all other seminars) based on the Extreme Blended methodology. 

We continuously develop new professional seminars, both for software developers and for software development managers. Don’t hesitate and let us know about the specific training needs in your company. We would be very glad to explore the possibilities to develop new seminars that target your needs. 

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