Doing your First Steps? Start by Trying to Learn by Yourself!

Learning Programming
If you think about learning programming then we strongly recommend you to start by trying to learn by yourself!

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The scope of knowledge and the various fields in software development is so huge that synchronous courses and seminars cannot provide a complete solution. Today, programmers are required to learn quite a bit independently. Since not everyone has the determination and the necessary cognitive ability, we recommend people that think about taking a programming course to start by trying to learn by themselves the basics. There are plenty of training resources on the web. If it goes well, then consider taking a programming course

The Huge Gap between The Industry and The Colleges and Universities

The huge gap between the knowledge that graduates with a bachelor’s degree in computer science have and the knowledge that is required in the industry is growing every year. Even when it comes to graduates of professional courses in software development, there is still a huge gap that grows every year. Software developers without the ability to learn independently have difficulties when trying to complete the missing knowledge. Trying to study independently before enrolling in a programming course will assist with the assessment of the determination that is required later when there is no choice but to study independently.

The First Programming Language to Start With

The first programming language we recommend to start learning independently is Python. There are many reasons for that. In some cases, it would be better to start learning JavaScript. If you are in doubt, we will be happy to help through the consulting services we provide. We recommend that you try learning by yourself using an asynchronous course on the web.

Be careful and beware of companies that offer extremely short training along with advertisements that convey the ease with which you can do the course and, immediately after, find a job in the field. Most of the graduates of the various academic tracks in computer science and most of the graduates of the advertised professional courses will not find a job in software development. This is a fact. In many high-tech companies, there is a huge shortage of talented programmers with experience, and there is no interest in graduates of courses and graduates of various academic tracks.

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