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Kotlin is a relatively new programming language. It was developed by JetBrains. The very same company that developed some of today’s most popular IDEs, such as IntelliJ, PHPStorm, WebStorm, PyCharm, and many others. Code developed in Kotlin can be compiled

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TypeScript is an open source programming language developed by Microsoft. The code we write in TypeScript is transpiled into JavaScript. We can configure the TypeScript transpiler to transpile our code into JavaScript compatible with ES3, ES4, ES5 or ES6. Although

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The first time I came a cross Python was 2002. At that time my company was developing Java ME applications and games. Nokia has released at that time an API for developing games and applications for their S60 handsets. The

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Software Development Architecture & Design

Software Development

I have recently decided to create a new professional community that will allow software development managers, architects, and engineers to discuss and fruit each other with insights regarding the technologies, the programming languages and the frameworks recommended for the discussed

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What my Students say

Haim is a wonderful teacher who is in an endless search of knowledge, his wide knowledge in various subjects was more than what i could expect of a teacher. Haim's expression skill is astonishing, and helped me personally in understanding complicated subjects. Haim is an outstanding teacher, a wonderful person, and i am happy i have had the chance to learn so much from him.

Mr. Daniel Gorlovetsky R&D Manager

If you are interested to learn something and Haim teaches it –don’t hesitate! I am a Java EE professional and a lecturer myself, and found his course sterling. I learned so much, and enjoyed every minute of it. Haim is a real professional. He has DEEP knowledge in an amazing range of technologies and the passion for both technology and teaching. I was amazed by his ability to teach so many topics to an heterogeneous audience composed of students with different levels without compromising anyone.

Mr. Alon Malki Chief Architect

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