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Python Programming

Learn how to develop code in Python, one of the most popular programming languages.


Node.js Fundamentals

Learn how to develop the server side using the Node.js platform and JavaScript.

java duke

Java Progrmming

We cover advanced topics, such as lambda expressions, streams and reflection.

Kotlin Logo

Kotlin Programming

Google 1st programming language for developing Android applications.

cpp logo

C++ Programming

Become a professional in C++ by going over its capabilities, including the new ones.

php logo

Software Engineering in PHP

Did you know that 79% of all websites use PHP on their server side.

go logo

Go Programming

Learn how to develop code in Google's Go programming language.


Front End Development

Our Front End Development course focused on JavaScript (the highest level possible).

swift logo

Swift Fundamentals

Learn how to develop software using Apple platforms' main programming language.

angular logo

Angular Fundamentals

Learn how to develop single page applications using the Angular framework.


Android Applications

Learn how to develop native applications for the Android platform.


Fullstack Development

Specifically for project managers that want to catch up with today technologies.

c# logo

C# Fundamentals

Learn how to develop software applications using .NET Core primary programming language.

css logo

CSS Fundamentals

Leverage your knowledge in Cascading Style Sheet to the next level.

java duke

Scala Fundamentals

Implement the functional programming paradigm in your JVM based applications.

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Video Clips

Each lesson in every course, seminar and webinar we deliver is captured on video in order to assist the students. The video clips of all meetings are organised online in a secured website accessible to the students only. The slides include links to relevant short video clips that provide more information. 

Getting Ready

Reverse Learning

When available, the students receive before every meeting full access both to the slides and to the video clips that were captured in the previous course.  Doing so, we allow the students to start learning before the meeting takes place. This way, when the meeting takes place they are already familiar with most of the topics and the entire learning process is simpler. 

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Future Courses

When participating in a specific course you can join (for free) to every future cycle of that course (if there is still room). If a future cycle is fully booked it is still possible to join online.  

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Ask Us Anything

We have developed a compatibility exam. The exam is taken online. People without any background in programming are required to pass our exam before they register any of our courses. The only exception are the ‘CSS Fundamentals’ and the ‘Fullstack Development’ courses. People without any background in programming are not required to take our compatibility exam in order to join any of these two courses. 

Our course business is delivering professional training for software developers. We work with companies all over the world, and deliver our courses both in Hebrew and in English. The public premium professional courses are currently delivered in Israel (in Hebrew) only. 

We limit the numbers of students in our public premium professional courses to 14. We believe that when having more than 14 students in class the training becomes less effective.

No. We don’t. We focus on providing professional training in the highest level possible only. Nevertheless, in most cases, when trying to find a job in software development the candidate’s knowledge is carefully checked. It can be a professional exam and/or an interview. In order to pass this phase the candidate’s professional capabilities must be the highest possible. We strongly recommend you to compare the syllabuses of our courses with the syllabuses of the other courses you find. 

You can join the course for specific meetings only. It is your call. However, the fee remains the same. It isn’t possible to pay for specific meetings in order to learn specific meetings only. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you to check out our seminars. They might be the solution. 

We deliver our premium public professional courses in luxurious business meeting rooms located within WeWork facilities. 

Yes. If you complete the course’s duties you will get a diploma when it ends. Nevertheless, it is highly important to remember that in software development having one diploma or another usually means nothing when a company considers whether to employ a new candidate. 

No. We don’t. We focus on providing professional training in the highest level possible only. Nevertheless, checking out our graduates you will find many success stories. 

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