Python Programming [40 Academic Hours] Course Special Offer

On Tuesday, March 9th, 2021, I started delivering a new cycle of the Python Programming [40 academic hours] course. You can find detailed information about this course at So far we had two (out of five) meetings only. It is still possible to join. Unlike the long course, that its fee is 6940 shekels (VAT […]

Effective Use of Code Samples

Using code samples when learning new programming languages, frameworks and libraries is a great way that speeds up the learning process. I usually start with running a simple code sample and then proceed with more sophisticated ones. Each code sample I run I try to change a bit, and verify my understanding by comparing the […]

Software Development Premium Training

During the past three years I was looking for a place where I can deliver premium training in software development. I have finally found it! My next coming software development premium training will take place in WeWork Herzliya. The free Coffee, Tea and Bear contribute to the good vibes and make things more comfortable for the […]

Seminars in Zurich

During February 2017 I will deliver 4 seminars in Zurich, Switzerland. Each seminar will last 8 academic hours (0900-1700) and will take place in Hardturmstrasse 185. The participants will need to bring their own laptops. Internet connectivity will be available.

Mac Book Air and a cup of Coffee

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Old wooden wall and green bicycle

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A boy leaning on the Wall

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Hello world!

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Please Don’t Send Me Professional Questions

For most people, this post will most likely seem strange and for some, it might even look a bit of an arrogant one. For a very small group of people, the problem I am about to describe in this post might sound familiar. I have always (and still am) enjoy assisting others and sharing my knowledge and […]