My Coming Professional Courses

The enrollment to my four coming courses (Android, PHP, Node.js and HTML5) has started. I strongly recommend to avoid waiting till the last minute. Sometimes the enrollment is closed before the course starts. The Android Java Applications course starts on September 7th 2015. The Software Engineering in PHP course starts on December 22th 2015. The […]

Award for Excellence in Teaching

On June 7th, Shenkar awarded me for the excellence methods I showed in teaching the academic courses I deliver in the Software Engineering department. The award was given on behalf of Mina Lorber. The letter I received from Shenkar’s president was a very nice one. The appreciation shown in that letter for my work in […]

My Professional Courses Video Clips

I have recently started to create video clips for the lectures I deliver in my professional courses. So far, this try goes very well. Students find these video clips highly useful when going over the material in between the meetings. Most likely this try will evolve and become permanent. The video clips are avilable through […]