Simple AngularJS Animations

Using the AngularJS framework we can easily create new animations. We just need to add the ng-animate attribute to the HTML element we want to animate and make sure the CSS that applies on our web page includes the required styling for the animation we want to get. The website overviews the possibilities. The […]

PHP 5.6 New Features

PHP 5.6 was released on August 28th 2014. This post overviews the main new features this new version introduces. Arguments Unpacking We can use the ‘…’ operator for passing over an array of values to a function we call and have the array values unpacked and assigned into the function parameters. The following code sample […]

Debugging PHP Web Application using Zend Studio

Zend Studio makes things very simple when it comes to debugging web applications that were developed in PHP. The following code sample include two files. The first presents a simple form to the user that allows him to enter the width and the height of a specific rectangle. <form method=”get” action=”index.php”> width: <input type=”text” name=”width”> […]