Shenkar Programming Languages July 2012 <font size=-2><a href= target=_blank>ACD</a></font>

During the coming summer semester (July-August, 2012) I will deliver the Programming Languages academic course in Shenkar. This course belongs to Shenkar’s BSc Academic Program in Software Engineering. You can find the google group of this course at!forum/shenkar-programming-languages-summer-2012. You can find the detailed plan at You can find the formal syllabus at  

Android Platform HIT Summer 2012 <font size=-2><a href= target=_blank>INFO</a></font>

During the academic summer semester in HIT I am going to deliver an academic course for android applications development. The google group we are going to use in this course can be found at The syllabus can be downloaded at The detailed plan ca be found at The final project the students are going […]

PHP 5.4 Class::{expr}() Syntax <font size=-2>PRO</font>

PHP 5.4 provides us with a new way to invoke static functions. This new way allows us storing the function name in a variable (as a string) and place that variable within curly brackets. <? class GoGo { public static function do_something() { echo “something!!!”; } } GoGo::{‘do_something’}(); ?> The following video clip shows the […]