Scala Fundamentals <font size=-2><a href= target=_blank>INFO</a></font>

I have just completed to develop the Scala Fundamentals course. Taking this course you will gain a structured comprehensive understanding of the Scala programming language. The community version is available for free personal and academic usage at The commercial version is available at The community version includes the following 28 topics: Introduction Scala […]

Android Speech Recognition <font size=-2><a href= target=_blank>PRO</a></font>

The Android SDK 2.1 includes the support for speech recognition. The speech recognition is executed on google’s servers. Currently, the suppoted languages include English, Chinese and Japanese. The following video clip provides more information about this capability. If you are interested in using speech recognition in your application for the android platform please check the […]

The Android Sensors Simulator <font size=-2><a href= target=_blank>PRO</a></font>

The android platform supports various hardware sensors with which our application can interact. These sensors include (among others) a sensor for the outside temprature, an accelerometer, a compas and a sensor for getting the device orientation. The current standard android emulato bundled with the android SDK doesn’t allow us testing applications that use these sensors. I have recently found the […]