Ness College PHP Web Applications Development Course #1 <font size=-2><a href= target=_blank>INFO</a></font>

Dear Students, This post will be updated concurrently with our course, starting on Wednesday May 27th 2009. Our course includes 20 meetings and is composed of the following small separated courses (modules) available at Introduction to Procedural Programming Introduction to The Internet SQL Fundamentals Introduction to XHTML CSS Fundamentals Introduction to MySQL PHP Fundamentals Introduction […]

Introduction to The Internet <a target=_blank href= target=_blank><font size=-4>INFO</font></a>

I am glad to announce a bout the ‘Introduction to The Internet’ new free course available via abelski. Based on my experience lecturing both academic and professional courses understanding the Internet basic notions isn’t trivial. Many still confuse between the web and the Internet conceiving them to be the same and most people aren’t familiar with the […]