Java SE Regular Expression <a target=_blank href= target=_blank><font size=-4>INFO</font></a>

I am glad to announce about a new course I have just completed to develop about Java Regular Expression. This new course covers the following topics: Character Classes Logical Operators Quantifiers Capturing Groups Boundary Matchers The Pattern Class and The Matcher Class The Quantifiers topic covers all types of quantifiers: Possessive Relucatant and Greedy This […]

Java ME Historical Perspective <a target=_blank href= target=_blank><font size=-4>EXPR</font></a>

Java ME (Java Micro Edition) software programming language was originally created in 2001 to enable the development of Java games & applications for mobile devices and mobile telephones particularly. In its early days it seemed to be a promising solution. The variety of mobile telephones models was very small, most of them were black & white, the basic capabilities J2ME offered […]