Reviews & Thanks Letters

Haim , You are the best Teacher in this world. Wherever I may go in my life, I will always remember that I had an excellent guide in the form of a teacher. Thank you for guiding us, inspiring us and making us what we are today. Make anything So Easy to Understand !! really , I learned Advanced Java programming so easy have wide experiences in field of computers, technologies ,mobiles ,... in short, special speaker !
Ahmad Khalid

The bottom line... – If you are interested to learn something and Haim teaches it – don’t hesitate !! I am a JEE professional and a lecturer myself, and found his course sterling. I learned so much, and enjoyed every minute of it. Haim is a real professional. He has DEEP knowledge in an amazing range of technologies and the passion for both technology and teaching. I was amazed by his ability to teach so many topics to an heterogeneous audience composed of students with different levels without compromising anyone.
Alon Malki

The WordPress session was very effective.
Amir Amsalem

I participated in the Haim's PHP course. Haim weekly lecture gave great interest to my professional life. The Course was Very interesting and helpful and included topics that I was not exposed to them on my own.
Amir Kurnat

כשהחלטתי להיכנס לתחום תכנות ה ‪WEB‬, עשיתי סקר שוק וגיליתי שהקורסים של חיים מיכאל אטרקטיביים מאוד הן מבחינת היקף הנושאים, עדכניותם ועלותם. התחלתי ללמוד את צד השרת בקורס ‪PHP‬ והיום אני ממשיכה בלימוד צד הלקוח בקורס ‪HTML‬ המצוין. שני הקורסים מלווים בהמון מצגות ודוגמאות קוד באתר הקורס, וכן הקלטות של השיעורים שעוזרים מאוד כשלא מצליחים להגיע לשיעור או פשוט בשביל לחזור על החומר. לפני כחודש התחלתי לעבוד כמפתחת ‪WEB‬ בהארץ/ ‪The Marker‬. אני מרגישה שקיבלתי בקורס הבנה עמוקה בתחום ויכולת להמשיך וללמוד הלאה. המון תודה!
Anat Yehazkel

Haim is a phenomenal lecturer. Teachings like yours are hard to come by, and I am glad that I had such a rare opportunity to soak it in. Haim was able to convert very complicated ideas into simple terms so as to aid our understanding. His thorough professionalism is reflected on the standards he expects for assignments and exams yet the process is made easier through his teaching skill and natural flair. Haim knows his subject material, providing enough technical information. Thank You Haim ! ! !
Anjela Nenakhov

Haim is a great teacher! His knowledge is amazing! Lessons with him are very calm and interesting. You can actually feel his love to the topics he teaches.
Assaf Goldenberg

Haim lecture in ISOC 2011 was great!
Avi Gaspan

Up to now i took 2 of Haim courses at H.I.T institute. Haim is an excellent lecturer with a lot of knowledge in many programming languages. It's great that someone like Haim teaches you, it's really helped me to get my first job. Haim preparing his students to the 'Real world' of programming with a lot of technologies in addition to the main subject of his course, and always ready to help his students with any question. The bottom line: Great lecturer ,Great man, a lot to learn from.
Aviel Poliak

Haim is a great teacher, he explains the course material on the best side and answers every student's questions till they satisfied. Thanks for being you, Haim.
Aviel Yosef

The course was well organized, and the lectures were great. Haim Michael has excellent teaching skills, and he is very professional and attentive to his students. I learned a lot from his course, and ever since I've been using his textbooxs as reference when needed. Thank you and good luck!
Aya Kimelman

Haim is absolutely the best lecturer & teacher I have ever had. All the lectures and the slides are very organized and simplified. In particular, I remember the special attention he gave to all students.
Azarya Youshvaev

Haim helped me to become an android developer. Thanks!
Bar Ish Shalom

Haim is a dynamic lecturer in both content and delivery. His authenticity is evident, driven by his wealth of experience and research. Practical and transformational!
Bar Lazarovitch

The Java courses Haim deliver are great. They are simply explained and highly enjoyable.
Baruch Sadogursky

Haim was my Java teacher and my first Java employee in Zindell Technologies Ltd. Well, what can I say? He is an amazing lecturer and one of the best bosses I ever had. Man of a great vision, great heart and amazing verbal capabilities. He believed in me from day one, and I hope I make him proud.
Baruch Sadogursky

Excellent teacher. Very dedicated to his work. He is very easy to understand, and has great presentation ,extra videos and tutorials.
Billy Kovalsky

Haim Michael is one of the best lecturers i have ever met. One these two day lecture E4D Expert Day 2015 I learned a lot about TypeScript and about current version of Angular 2. Thank's a lot Haim.
Boris Shterenberg

Haim is a very motivating speaker, his knowledge and wide experience in a wide set of platforms gives every student the will to research and investigate. Moreover, Haim is capable of speaking in front of different types of students, so that beginners as well as experts and experienced students can understand every topic taught by him. Finally, of course Haim is very well-mannered and intelligent, and his humorous way of teaching different subjects is by far one of the best i have ever seen.
Daniel Gorlovetsky

Haim is a wonderful teacher who is in an endless search of knowledge, his wide knowledge in various subjects was more than what i could expect of a teacher. Haim's expression skill is astonishing, and helped me personally in understanding complicated subjects. Moreover, on the personal level, Haim is a wonderful, motivating, and supporting advisor. He tries to get the best out of his students, on the academic, as well as on the professional level. Furthermore, Haim's sources of educational material are wide and diversified, which allows to study individually and learn subject which are outside of the educational program. Finally, Haim is an outstanding teacher, a wonderful person, and i am happy i have had the chance to learn so much from him.
Daniel Gorlovetsky

I had the pleasure of attending this course. As a senior developer with more than 10 years experience in C++, I can say that I had received all the fundamentals needed to successfully program web applications. Haim emphasizes the need to self-learned, and provides all the tools to remain on-line on the cutting edge of technology. Most important: JavaScript is a very complicated CS language, and Haim had explained it in an easy to understand manner
Daniel Klain

Very detailed, very down to earth, Plenty of good examples and always with lots of sense of humor. thanks very much I have learned great deal from you and also great advise in the breaks.
Daniel Pritsker

I think the best way to teach is to give your students a chance to experience the material and really feel it. Haim did exactly that. You really get a feeling that anything is possible and the sky is the limit. He has also been very supportive after my graduation, guiding me to the right direction I felt I needed to go. Great thanks!
Dikla Shwartz

חיים, רציתי לומר באופן אישי תודה על הידע, הסבלנות והקורס המקיף והמעמיק.
Dovev Golan

Haim is an amazing teacher. If u got the chance don't think twice. He is by far the best teacher for developers I know.
Edo Frenkel

I recommend Haim as his student... Haim moves the material well deepens. Every subject he teaches, he explains the material up to the smallest detail. When he get asked a question, he answers it and not leave the subject until he is sure that the student understood the answer, in addition, if something is not clear, he has a website where you can ask questions on any topic, and he returns the answers quickly ... His love to his profession felt and he insisted that every student will understand the materials. It was a privilege to participate in his classes.
Eidan Goldenberg

I attended a Java EE course delivered by Haim Michael. The material was presented clearly and had a flow that was fun to follow. I was interested in the subject, and found the lecture to be thought-provoking.
Eli Rabinovitz

The lecture about WordPress was very intersting. Thank you!!!
Eliran Jerbi

Haim is an excellent lecturer and i highly recommend him and his Android course.
Eliran Jerbi

It was a pleasure being in the Android course and learning from Haim, one of the most impressive and intelligent lecturers that I know. Always with patience to explain the complex material as simple as he knows. I highly recommend.
Erez Yohai

I took 2 course with haim. He is the most dedicated lecturer that will make all efforts in order to help his students understand the material. His courses focuses on the most progressing areas in programing. His lessons are interesting and he gives his students all of tools to prepare to his lessons subjects. He knows how to teach object oriented very well, so that students will understand the concept of it.
Erez Zaga

Haim is a brilliant programmer who knows his way to teach and pass along the material. During the Android course delivered by Haim, Haim was teaching using code samples, movies and exercises. All that has contributed to learning and understanding the material. Haim is an excellent teacher and above all a real gentleman!!
Eyall Maresky

Haim is a brilliant and extremely talented lecturer. He knows Java and OOP like the back of his hand. He has a broad view of many programming languages, and each one he knows profoundly. Haim is a very rare and skilled programmer whom every company would pay lots of money to have and keep. Above all Haim is a good person.
Eyall Maresky

הקורס שחיים מיכאל מעביר הינו איכותי ביותר, מכיל תכנים אקטואלים והכי רלוונטים בשוק העבודה בארץ ובחו"ל. חיים שינה לי את התפיסה לגבי טכנולוגיות חדשות בשפות פיתוח, ואיך שעולם ההייטק והתוכנה עובד. למעשה השתתפתי בשני קורסים שחיים מעביר, האחד הוא קורס פיתוח אפליקציות אנדרואיד והשני הוא PHP Cross platform mobile applications בקורס אנדרואיד למדנו לפתח בשפת JAVA ואחר כך התקדמנו ופיתחנו תוכניות גם עבור אנדרואיד. למעשה בזכות חיים העלתי 3 אפליקציות לגוגל פליי. הקורס הוא שווה ביותר במחיר מעולה, עם מרצה שאין שני לו. בקורס השני PHP Cross platform mobile applications למדנו את שפת PHP לעומק וחלק מהתלמידים כולל אותי ניגשנו למבחן ההסמכה הרישמי של חברת ZEND והצלחנו במבחן. בנוסף לומדים שפות פיתוח וטכנולוגיות מאוד נחשקות בשוק כמו javascript, jquery, node.js, phonegap, wordpress וזה רק קצה הקרחון... שיטת הלימוד של חיים היא מעולה, הוא מסביר מצויין, מתרגלים המון בכיתה, יוצר תכנים פתוחים ונגישים לכולם ונותן יחס לכל תלמיד. יחד עם זאת נדרש מכל תלמיד לעבוד בבית ולהתכונן לשיעור הבא ובכך ניתן להתקדם בצורה יפה מאוד. ישנם גם פרויקטים קטנים במהלך הקורס שצריך לפתח וגם זה מקדם את המתמידים מאוד. יצירת בלוג אישי ופרסום הפרויקטים באתר אישי תוך שימוש ב – WORDPRESS ו\או טכנולוגיות דומות. .לסיכום: אני ממליץ מאוד על הקורסים של חיים חיים מעביר קורסים איכותיים, מעודכנים לצרכי ההיי-טק ועולם התוכנה, הוגנים מאד מבחינת עלות, לעומת השאר ומעל הכל מאפשרים להתקדם בתפקיד, בשכר ובידע.
Eyall Maresky

I had the honor to learn from Haim during my studies for Bsc in computer science at HIT. Haim is one of the most professional lecturer I met, he has enormous knowledge in many fields and he teaches with one major goal in mind - to train and authorize professional engineers, and to handle them with the most important tool everyone should have - the ability to learn ,to research and to know how to solve problems, set goals and achieve them. Haim is very caring for each and every student of his and will spend time, effort and energy for every student and know how to explain everything to anyone in his own way so any individual will grow and get the best of itself. I recommend anybody who wants to learn and get tools for his professional career to contact Haim and be one more of the endless growing circle of Knowledgeable students of Haim!
Gal Lev Azar

Haim came to Intel to deliver professional training about the Android platform. Hs is a man that enjoys learning and teaching as well. He was very well organized and he has much too offer both to beginners and to advanced programmers.
Gilad Darmon

Haim Michael is one of the few lecturers that will take the time to make sure you understand it all.4 I had a great time!
Gilad Gat

The WordPress Jump Start lecture helped me to understand and use some of the things, previously I couldn't. Thank you very much.
Gumirov Guzal

רמת הלימודים הייתה גבוהה ותאמה את הסטנדרטים הגבוהים שדורשים בשוק העבודה כיום בחברות הכי מתקדמות. חיים מיכאל, מעבר למרצה ברמה גבוהה הוא גם בעל ניסיון מקצועי רב ובלימודיו הוא תורם גם טיפים והמלצות איך להתקדם ולהשתפר בתחום ואיך להבטיח את ההצלחה התעסוקתית בתחום. העצות שהוא נותן מאוד עוזרות ומקדמות סטודנטים צעירים שרק רוצים להשתלב בתחום הפיתוח וכאלה שרוצים לשפר את יכולתם ולהתקדם קדימה. אני כיום מתפקד כמפתח מובייל בחברת אמדוקס, ויכול לומר שהכלים שניתנו לי בקורס על ידי חיים היו גורם ישיר לקבלתי לעבודה זו, ואני מיישם כלים אלו בכל יום.
Haim Ben-Zaken

I attended Haim's lecture about PHP, Java and .NET. Haim provided a very good comparison between the three.
Haim Hamou

Haim is one of the best lecturers I have ever had during my academic studies. He has extensive knowledge in Java, and he knows how to enrich his students. Even now, after my graduation I am consulting with him, and I'm confident that I will get the best and most valuable respond.
Hannan Kravitz

Haim makes a great job with teaching. He gives a lot of educational material to learn from, including- presentations, videos and veriety of exercises, and also glad to help when asked for. Haim always keeps the courses updated with all the new technologies. Now, at the end of my studies I can say clearly that the two courses I took with Haim (Java SE, EE) were very challenging and had taught me a lot.
Hila Monfred

Haim is the best lecturer I have ever had. He has the passion to learn as well as to teach, and he passes on this passion to his students. Everything he teaches, is explained in depth so the students will have all the tools needed to deal with all kinds of problems. The practical exercises he gives are on the spot and really helps understanding the theoretical material.
Idan Entin

Haim is one of the best lecturers i have ever met so far! His passion and love to the development world is helping him to teach the students in the best way we could ask! The way he teaches is very organized, his amazing website ( contains all the materials you just need, and its constantly updating...
Idan Faibish

The passion of being strictly updated with the upfront technology gave me the motivation to learn and head forward. Great lecturer who speaks straight to the point.
Idan Fridman

I have had the pleasure of being a student of Haim. He was a tremendous lecturer and an asset to our school. I have learned alot from Haim, with alot of fresh motivation and creative aspects. already expecting for my next courses with him. Well done.
Idan Fridman

I studied three Java courses with Haim Micheal and got really impressed. Very important courses and great lecturer.
Idan Lange

His willing to help and explain, his passion to teach and help all the way, I wish all teachers were like him. Thank you Haim.
Ilya Bruzil

When Haim lectures, every topic becomes interesting, cool and simple: He makes you want to run to the nearest laptop and try out the things he is talking about... :-)
Irit Lovenberg

I think Haim is updated with the latest web technologies. I enjoyed sitting with him privately to learn how things should be done correctly.
Itai Roded

When I decided to start a new career in web development, I was lucky to meet Haim Michael and get to be his student. Haim Michael led me through into this profession, and knew how to encourage me when it seemed impossible. Besides being a great teacher he his a unique and sensitive human being.
Itamar Ron

I recommend to take courses with Haim because of the following: 1. Clear explanations and code samples. 2. Deep knowledge of the material and willing to excite students interest in programming. 3. Available course presentations and various exercises for practicing. 4. Haim also is a great person
Leonid Bluwshteyn

I finished the course html5 cross platform application of haim Michael, and I want to thank him for being an excellent lecturer, who know how transfer the most complex contents in the most easy learning way , I learned a lot from him, and would love to join additional courses.
Liav Alfasi

I want to thank Haim Michael for being an excellent lecturer and a good mentor! I studied three courses, Jave SE, Java EE and Android applications, and I enjoyed every moment, Thank you!!
Lidor Ismach Moshe

The lecture about WordPress was very useful and helpful, simple and illustrative examples are clear, He is a briliant programmer that knows his way to teach and pass the training materials.
Lilush Vig

I took two java courses during my academic degree with Haim, he is an excellent lecturer.Every question you have, you can consult with him about it. The courses were very interesting, clear and useful.Haim knows how to enrich his students, he has extensive knowledge and I really recommend on his courses!
Limor Trabolski

The best lecturer in H.I.T. I took all his courses that i could sign to. Very professional, creative lecturer with up-to-date courses. Highly Recommended.
Lior Y

Michael is well organised, extremely profesional and interesting lecturer. During the Android lectures, Haim goes deep into the material, covered everything from the basis to the latest enovations, and it was accompanied with live and interesting examples. Learned a lot. Thanks Haim Luda
Luda Fux

Haim\'s lectures were impressively interesting. The topics were always up to date with the tech world and every now and then Haim gave us some food for thought by showing us the Implications of new technologies on our every day life.
Michael Yosher

I took the Android Applications crash course delivered by Haim in the Technion. Haim's knowledge of the mobile application development/Web world is simply impressive. He is a great teacher, being always able to explain complex things, in a simple manner. I really enjoyed the course very much.
Mike Sumszyk

Life Michael gave a great lecture about the diffs between Java, PHP and .NET. Seems like there's more in this guy than any timed lecture can provide. Signed up to one of his courses.
Moran Alkobi

I have taken three courses with Haim (java,javaee,#c) and I can honestly say he is most invested in training his students and making professionals out of them. He would regularly tape and film his classes so we could go back and re watch if necessary. The curriculum is well organized, very rich and most professional, we always get the since he knows everything and does his best to pass he's knowledge on to us. Haim is also very devoted to the developer society, always on top of the newest most innovative revelations, changes and information, which he never misses to update everyone about, in class or social media. I sure hope I will have the opportunity to take more of his classes and visit he's lectures in the future
Moshe Shimon

Haim knows how to make the complexities of software development simpler for understanding. He is on top of his game in explaining this topic.
Moshik Mash

Intelligent, fun, and very knowledgeable. He provides A LOT of information in his classes. His goal is to teach his students and prepare them for the future.
Nadav Babin

Michael came to Amdocs Cyprus for a 4 day course in Web Technologies. Within these 4 days we covered a vast range of topics, in great depth. Michael is a true professional and has an immense breadth of knowledge. I would not hesitate to say that he's one of the best speakers we've ever had in the company.
Nick Markou

I took a Python course at my work, Haim as the lecturer. The lectures were clear, interesting and useful. Haim is very pleasant, answered patiently all questions and made sure all students get the most out of the course, thus I am more than happy to provide this warm recommendation! I would be happy to hire Haim as a lecturer or as a consultant specialist in the future.
Niv Peled

Although I wasn\'t present in all classes, I managed to catch up through updates and summaries of lessons that were upload during the lessons by Haim. Now I finished my degree in information systems and no doubt that this course, although it was in a limited format, contributed more than any other courses that I've done so far.
Niv Shemer

Haim is the best teacher in our collage. He has a lot of knowledge, interesting, and a great person beyond to school. I am very happy to meet him.
Noa Hosravi

Haim is an excellent teacher and mentor, He always makes sure that everyone understands everything and updates us via email with all materials shown at the Class.
Omri Ziv

אני ממליץ לכל מי שמתעניין או מעורב בפיתוח ווב להצטרף לחיים המעביר את הידע במקצועיות, בעניין ובתשוקה מעוררי השראה תוך עדכון רציף של תכני הקורסים בטכנולוגיות החדישות ביותר ובכך אף מעניק ערך רב לאנשי התחום המנוסים. חיים משקיע רבות בדרכים מקוריות להנגשת התכנים הרבים וליצירת ארגז כלים רחב ועדכני לתלמידיו ובכך מקנה להם קרש קפיצה לעולם הווב. ממליץ בחום!! ‬
Ori Robins

I took two courses with Haim (Java SE and Android Applications Development). Those courses contributed a lot to my professional knowledge. In my opinion, Haim is very nice person and a real programming guru. Haim always has answers to all questions regarding every technology, always trying to touch most recent features and technologies and always willing to help. I enjoyed taking Haim's courses a lot.
Pavel Chernishev

Haim's lecture in the Internet Day (organized by ISCO) was very enthusiastic. It seems like Haim enjoys lecturing. The lecture was in technical level that talked to everyone from beginners to pros and covered wide range of aspects. Haim also answered all questions and gave personal attitude. Thanks for sharing your knowledge - great lecture!
Rami Hersonsky

Brilliant and dynamic lecturer, demonstrates unclear issues by live examples. I'm very satisfied for being his student, and looking forward to attend additional courses of his.
Ran Yohai

The best lecturer I ever had. He's very professional and give personal attention to each and every student. I finished the course with a lot of knowledge that helped me a in job interviews. Thank u Haim!
Roni Taoz

I took 3 courses with Haim Michael: Java SE, Android & Java EE. The courses were pretty effective for real life and I found them very interesting. You become familiar with terms from the hi-tech environment that you don't get to with other courses. The structure of the courses was great and you could easily prepare yourself for each and every meeting.
Sagi Ohayon

I took 3 courses with Haim Michael: Java SE, Android & Java EE. The courses were pretty effective for real life and I found them very interesting. You become familiar with terms from the hi-tech environment that you don't get to with other courses. The structure of the courses was great and you could easily prepare yourself for each and every meeting.
Sagi Ohayon

Haim is a very professional lecturer. He is very basic and informative and well prepared for every lecture. He is always willing to answer questions and seek answers and post to students. All information is presented using very clear slides. He is also technologically constantly update and has knowledge in vast platforms: Dot Net, Java, Scala, Android, Mobile. i enjoyed the class rooms with Haim a lot for over a year. I really recommend!
Saleem Nimre

I took a course with Haim in J2EE last semester. He donated to my professional knowledge and also this course helped me find a job as a developer. I think that this unique person, his knowledge and the course that i took with him was as equivalent in impact to the whole degree. In other words, the course that I took with him helped me finding a good job as a developer. I know that other people find jobs also thanks to this man and his teachings. Thank you Haim.
Shai Lev

I took Haim's PHP course. Haim was a great teacher, and it seems that he really wants every student to understand and succeed.
Sharon Lavie

Haim has extensive knowledge in Java and good teaching skills. He really touches the critical issues and knows how to treat the class so that everybody gets it - no one left behind and no one feels delayed.
Shirly Tal

I attended his Android lecture in Avaya R&D (Pune, India). He explained the basics and the technical aspects of Android really well. He has a quality of keeping the lectures interesting. He was interactive during session. It was fun, he also shared some jokes.:) Keep up the good work.
Sneha Rathod

Haim is a great teacher, always willing to help. He cares about the students, and teaches in a good and interesting way
Tam Nguyen

Haim delivered the most practical talk I have ever attended. I learned how to build mobile web sites in an hour.
Tomer Levi

Haim is one of the best lecturers I had, he teaches with passion and professionalism and under a clear and organized program which provides a springboard for his students. I finished two of his courses and started the third with no hesitation.
Uri Robbins

I enjoyed a 3 full days python course, delivered in Samsung (Israel), from the basics to high level and practicalities. Haim is a capable lecturer, very well organised, most up to date. I am glad at the oportunity given to me to hear the course given by Haim, and look forward to hear more courses. Enterprises who want to introduce their employees to computer languages, environments, better invite Haim for a course!
Uri Zackhem

I enjoyed Haim talk in Avaya R& D (Pune, India) because he was really passionate about what he taught. He doesn\'t stick to the conventional text book teaching, rather he knows the practical real world applications of the technologies he is teaching. Moreover, he has used those applications and know exactly what the technology in question is capable of doing. He has fun while teaching and he never run away from answering even the weirdest questions your students have to ask. In addition to that he is available 24*7 for any help and that makes the learning experience more comfortable.
Vaibhav Garg

I had the pleasure of participating in Haim\'s enlightening series of lectures "PHP for rapid web applications development", in a limited number of hours Haim succeeded to give so much useful information which guided me while doing my first steps in web applications and general software development world. doing that in an interesting and inspiring way like you did isn't that common and is truly a unique skill. I'm looking forward to hear you talks on software and tech related topics once again in the near future
Yaniv Golan

Every minute of the class was educational. Haim knows how to deliver complicated material to each student at their individual levels. He is very professional and well organized. I really enjoyed his class.
Yevgeniya krivenko

Life Michael has profound knowledge about many programming languages, their history, their strength and weaknesses and computing and information technology in general, including many areas, like enterprise systems, mobile, embedded and real time, open source and much more. He delivers the material very clearly, in an interesting way, allowing much time to questions and answers, until everyone is satisfied. His lectures and courses are highly recommended!
Yigal Eran

Very clear and very professional!!! After each lectures there is a video that you can watch Plus really helpful assignments. Even a year after the class Haim is always available for questions and glad to help. Thank you!
Yossi Azoulay

Haim is an excellent lecture and mange to transfer the learning material until the last subject, all the course was followed by code examples , slides and videos. Very helpful and supporting during the Home work project and guides you throw all the course
Yossi Vizel

I have participated in Android Development Crash course that was delivered by Haim Michael in the Technion. Haim has a great passion to what he speaks about, which makes all the difference. The lectures were interesting, and you could feel that he has a lot more knowledge to offer on each of the subjects he talks about, and time was the only limitation(it was a crash course). He also gave the impression that he is willing to help in whatever problem that might come up. Thanks!
Yuval Bahat

I took 3 courses with Haim: Java SE, Java EE and Android. I can say that those courses were the most important courses during my studies. Haim is a great teacher and very professional, he is fluent with software development of all kinds and knows how to guide his students. Haim also gives you all the material that you need and even more. You can find everything on his website, documents, presentations, code samples and videos. Haim makes you a developer!
Yuval Nachon

Haim was my lecture in a .net course I took in the Technion. He was an excellent teacher and he always directed us to the right place.
Yuval Tor

The way Haim is teaching is something beyond. Haim makes you understand that it is not matter how much courses and class you'll be participating - it's only the hard work that will bring you the benefit! And I can say that i realy had the pleasure to be guided by Haim Michael, the one who would be happy to assist whenever you need and mostly because he will give you the tools, expose you to new technologies and you will see that everything else is just a simple syntax. Thanks to Haim, I have the knowledge, and the confidence to develop big programming projects and work as a senior Java developer.
Ziv Levy