The Apache log4j is a Java-based open source logging framework. We can use it when implementing a logging mechanism within the projects we develop in Java. This course overviews this framework and provides with the required information for doing the first steps using it effectively.
This course overviews the very basics of using Jenkins. It provides with the very basic understanding for exploring the possibilities of using Jenkins in software development projects.

Maven is a software project management tool that was developed based on the project object model. Maven can assist us with managing the project's builds, the project development reporting and the project documentation process.

Git is a version control system that allows you to track your project files and their versions. Each version is a snapshot of the files at a specific point in time. The collection of files and their complete history is usually stored in a repository shared by the developers who work on that project. This course overviews the very basics of using Git, the most popular version control system.

The Apache Ant is a Java based build tool. Similar to the well known "Make" utility, which is one of the most popular build tools for C++. This course introduces Ant, provides a detailed step by step guidelines for downloading and installing it on your personal computer and provides an overview about the possibilities to use it, whether as a stand alone application or as an integrated part of the Eclipse IDE.

This course introduces the three most well known Agile software development methodologies. Each methodology is separately introduced. The course focuses on the common characteristics Agile methodologies share.