We are currently looking for meetup groups that focus on JavaScript (or on other related topics) that will be interested in supporting the XtremeJS coming online conference.

You can find more information about this coming conference at https://xtremejs.dev

The support we are looking for can include the following, and beyond!

We would appreciate updating the group members about the conference.. and about the currently open call for papers… it can be done ‘By The Way’ in one of the events… it doesn’t need a special message.. it is up to the group leaders to decide.

We would appreciate help with picking up the best call for papers suggestions.

We will show the meetup group support on the conference website home page (we will place the meetup banner of the group)

We will create 20 free passes for the conference… specifically for the group managers… and the quick ones out of the group members (we suggest simply updating the group about this conference.. together with the coupon… the quicker will get it)

If you happen to run a meetup group that focuses on JavaScript or on another related topic please fill in the form at https://forms.gle/BeUqJ68UYjpxzuEb9

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