In June 2011 I will start lecturing the “Analysis & Design Using UML” course. The course will take place in the Technion as part of a long term .NET course. The course includes five meetings and aside of going through UML it includes practical labs through which the participants will gain practical experience in analysis & design using UML.

Apart of going through the important UML diagrams this course overviews the well known software design principles that refer to declaring new classes and new packages.

The class design principles we are going to cover include the following:
Single Responsibility Principle
The Open Close Design Principle
The Liskov Substitution Principle
The Dependency Inversion Principle
The Interface Segragation Principle

The UML diagrams we are going to cover include the following:
Class Diagrams
Object Diagrams
Communication Diagrams
Activity Diagrams
Package Diagrams
Use Case Diagrams
Component Diagrams
Timing Diagrams
Sequence Diagrams
Interaction Overview Diagrams
Deployment Diagrams

The complete detailed plan of this course is available at

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