On Thuesday next week (April 30th 2009) at 18:00 I am going to lecture about the PHP Programming Language. This lecture will be delivered in Ness IT Business College. It will be delivered in Hebrew and is free (subject to pre registration).

Unlike most of my other posts in this blog, this specific post is relevant for those who speak hebrew only. For that reason, I chose to place a more detailed post (in hebrew) at http://www.lifemichael.com/he/?p=89.

During the last thirteen years my main professional focus was on Java, including Java ME, Java SE and Java EE. I am still into Java, though I chose to be more open with the alternatives. During the last years I have started to expand my professional fields into other alternative software languages and technologies, including C# and PHP. I found PHP to be an amazingly easy language to learn and to work with. No matter whether you have programming experience or not, working with PHP is easy and simple. During the last years, I also found PHP in most cases the best programming language to work with when developing web based applications. The simplicity as well as the huge range of open source projects developed in PHP turn that language (in most cases) into the most suitable language to use when developing web based applications.

Attending the PHP Jump Start lecture costs nothing, though there is a need to register in advance (number of seats is limited). If you are interested in attending this lecture please contact Yaniv Zlatin at Yaniv.Zlatin@ness.com.

In the end of the PHP Jump Start lecture I will provide more information about the “PHP Web Applications” course (72 hours; 18 meetings) I have recently developed. The language used in this course is Hebrew.

PHP Course

You can find the presentation from the introductory lecture at

You can find the detailed program of this course at

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