I am on linkedin and I am always glad to meet new people who are into software development. If you are a software developer I will be more than happy to get to know you over linkedin. Please send me a friend request and drop me a message saying you found me through my blog. You can find me at https://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=818412.

I run professional developers groups on the linkedin social network. Some of them are dedicated for israeli software developers. Others are international ones.

International Software Developers Groups (Professional)
Android Developers
Angular Professionals
Dart Professionals
Developing Big Data Systems
Developers on Mac
FED Professionals
HTML Professionals
IoT Professionals
JavaScript Developers
Perl Professionals
Python Professionals
Scala Professional Developers
Swift Professionals
Twitter Bootstrap Developers
TypeScript Developers

Israeli Software Developers Groups (Professional)
Android Developers Israel
C# Developers Israel
FED Professionals Israel
Java Developers Israel
PHP Developers Israel
Python Developers Israel
Swift Developers Israel
UML Professionals

The rules for becoming a memeber in each one of these groups and for writing posts in them are the following:
במידה שיש קושי להבין את הכללים כפי שהם מנוסחים באנגלית חל איסור להירשם לקבוצה
1. It is not possible to post advertisements.
2. It is not possible to join a group using a linkedin account that its owner is not a person.
3. The group managers (as well as Haim Michael, life michael and Zindell Technologies, Ltd.) are not responsible for posts and advertisements published by the groups members.
4. The texts in all groups (except for the Israeli groups) must be in written in english only.

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  1. Hi Michael – I’m a Jewish American Recruiter with a large network of companies in Israel. Right now I’m recruiting several positions for an Israeli start-up south of Tel Aviv. The positions are Jr. and Sr. full stack developers with: Python (primary), and React/Node.js (secondary) experience. Do you know anyone who might be interested and a fit for one of these positions? Thanks in advance. -Geoff

    PS – I see you run a Python Developer Israel group on Linkedin. I requested to join the group – would it be alright if I made a post inquiring with your community to see if there is anyone who could be interested in one of these positions?

    Thank you!

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