During this semester (Spring 2011) I deliver an academic course dedicated to the Android platform. The course takes place in HIT as part of HIT Computers Science BSc academic program.

The topics this course covers include the following:
Application Resources
The Intent Concept
User Interface Controls
Layout Managers
Menus and Dialogs
Style Definition
App Widgets Development
Location Based Services
Web Services
Android Services
Media Framework
Android Security Model
Graphics Animation
OpenGL Graphics
Customized Views
Android Threads
Application Life Cycle
SQLite Database
Content Providers
Shared Preferences
File Management
External Storage
Dalvik VM
Background Applications
Activity Data
SMS Messages
Web View
Java Language
Instrumentation Framework
Live Wallpapers
Text To Speech
Android Search
WiFi Connectivity
Input Method Framework
Device Rotation
Memory Management
Speech Input
Development Tools
Instant Messaging
Native Development Kit
Android Google TV

In addition, given the expected official release of android SDK 3.0 during this semester, as soon as this new version is released the list of topics will be updated.

Most of the training mtaeiral of this course can be found at www.abelski.com. All the training material available on this web site is available for free academic and personal usage.

The official syllabus can be found at http://www.lifemichael.com/hit/ANDROID_SYLLABUS_201102.pdf.

The detailed plan can be found at https://docs.google.com/document/pub?id=1wTlmRyfJ1F_RYZRp_WMXZY7AKb5RSntBWnsxLCZWyzU.

The course google group is available at http://groups.google.com/group/hit-android-spring-2011.

Towards this course you should install on your personal computer the following software:
1. Java 2 SDK 6 (http:/java.sun.com)
2. Eclipse (Helios) Pulsar for Mobile Developers (http://www.eclipse.org)
3. Android SDK  (www.android.com) more info at http://bit.ly/gF5nO
4. Android NDK  (www.android.com) more info at http://bit.ly/aioizd

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