Learning Object Oriented Programming

Learning object-oriented programming is not simple. It might take years of experience until a programmer gets an in-depth understanding of this programming paradigm. Even when taking a course that is fully dedicated for this topic, the need in the practical experience of a few years (at the minimum) still exists. Sometimes even that doesn’t help. […]

Xamarin (Bright?) Future

Xamarin allows us to deliver native Android and iOS applications based on the very same shared C# codebase, using the same IDE, and the same APIs. Xamarin wraps the Android and the iOS APIs with its own API written in C#. In addition, most likely that some of the Xamarin’s API is implemented directly and […]

Continuous Professional Evolvement

The software development domain continuously evolves. The growing number of programming languages and the emergence of new platforms, frameworks, and libraries force us to put more and more resources into our self-professional evolvement. We are forced to find new ways to improve our self-learning capabilities and speed up our professional evolvement. Software developers who are […]

Learning Through Teaching

During the past 20 years, I continuously learn new programming languages, platforms, frameworks, and libraries. On the one hand, I still need to make my living as a software development professional trainer and on the other hand, there is a growing need to learn and evolve. I found that when explaining a specific topic to […]