Developing applications for mobile telephones we phase three options. We can develop a native application using Objective-C (iPhone), C# (WP7) or Java (Android), we can develop a web application that fits all mobile telephones platforms and we can develop an hybrid one. Developing an hybrid application for mobile telephones involves with developing a native application that uses a web browser based user interface component that renders HTML\JavaScript coming from the server or even stored on the handset.

The android platform has taken the hybrid applications approach one step forward allowing us to interact from within the HTML\JavaScript code with the outer native application part. We can practically exposes Java classes that belong to the native part of our application to code in JavaScript running within the web browser based component, an object instantiated from the WebView class. The following video clip presents this capability.

You can find the source code ready for download within the Android Fundamentals course, available for free personal usage at

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