UML 2.1 Fundamentals <a target=_blank href= target=_blank><font size=-4>INFO</font></a>

I am glad to announce about “UML 2.1 Fundamentals”, a new course I have developed few months ago and recently completed to refine based on feedbacks received through two separated UML public courses I lectured. This new course overviews the 13 separated diagrams defined by UML 2.1 and delivers a practical approach while using UML. In addition to overviewing each […]

Ness IT Business College Java EE Long Term Course Informational Conference <a target=_blank href= target=_blank><font size=-4>INFO</font></a>

Dear Friends, I am writing this post to provide more information about a new professional long term course I have recentle completed to develop for Ness IT Business College (Israel). This course includes 320 academic hours and is suitable for people without any backgound in software development as well. Those without any background in software […]