We assist software developers and software development companies achieving their professional and business goals. We do so through our professional training and consulting services. 

We are not affiliated with any of the technologies leading companies, neither with Oracle, Google, Microsoft or Zend. Our consulting service is not biased towards any specific technology. We believe that there is no such thing 'the best technology'. For each and every cases there is the most suitable one. We do our best helping our clients selecting the most suitable technology for their needs. We assist our clients with the adoption of new technologies and tailoring the most suitable training program for their needs. 

The array of consulting services we provide include the following:

  • Software Developer's Assessment
    Assessing new candidates for software development position and assessing software developers that already work. The assessment includes detailed evaluation through tailored exams and professional interviews. We perform the assessment in three levels. We assess the developer logical capability (e.g. capabilities to think out of the box). We asses the developer understanding of the most basic theoretical required understanding that is relevant for his domain (e.g. understanding oop concepts and design patterns). We asses the developer technical knowledge in the domain in which he develops (e.g. checking his familiarity with the details of JavaServlets API in the case of Java EE Web Developer). 

  • Selecting The Most Suitable Technology
    Most developers are not familiar with the huge range of technologies that might be relevant for their project. Taking the best decision is not simple. When a company approaches a new project we can assist with selecting the most suitable programming language, the most suitable frameworks and the most suitable technology. 

  • Tailoring The Most Suitable Training Plan
    Moving forward and adopting new programming languages, new frameworks and new technologies is not simple. In many cases there is a need in professional training. We can assist with tailoring the most suitable training plan based on the company goals and based on the software developers professional background. 

  • Software Development Management 
    Software developers have never been easy to manage. The new rising technologies we continuously face might add some sort of confusion into our work, and challenge the decisions we take. We can assist every company with these challenges by putting our experience at its service. We can assist with overcoming technical difficulties, taking part in brainstorming sessions, hiring the right people and recommending specific services and products. 

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