About Us

We help software developers and software development companies with the adoption of today newest software development technologies. 

We are part of Zindell Technologies, Ltd, an israeli company located in Israel. We love helping individuals with achieving their professional goals and maintaining their continuous professional evolvement as part of their personal fulfillment. We enjoy helping software development companies staying on the edge while selecting the most suitable technology for each and every project they develop. 

As part of our continuous professional evolvement we maintain a huge collection of online free professional courses about various software development technologies. These free online courses are available for free personal and academic usage only. Software development training companies are not allowed to use them. 

We maintain our websites in accordance with the israeli accessibility law. We do our best to adjust our websites beyond the requirements this law sets. You can find our accessibility declaration at http://goo.gl/qlt2RT. You can find our website accessibility survey at http://goo.gl/IHqGhq. If you happen to encounter an accessibility difficulty please don't hesitate and contact me directly at haim.michael [at] gmail.com. 

Last modified: Sunday, 28 August 2016, 7:41 AM