The emergence of new web based training technologies enable the evolution of new training methodologies and tools. Using these tools we can deliver our training service world wide in a more efficient way.

We can deliver online any of our ready-to-deliver professional courses and seminars. In addition, we can deliver online any training that was tailored specifically for our corporate customers' needs. Some of our public courses are already delivered online. 

The public webinars currently available include the following ones: 

OOP in ECMA Script 2016    Bootstrap Fast Track [Webinar]    Lambda Expressions in Java 8 [Webinar]   

Streams in Java 8 [Webinar]    Inner Classes in Java [Webinar] Banner    Ajax in Depth [Webinar] Banner

TypeScript Fast Track [Webinar] Banner    Traits in PHP [Webinar] Banner    Cookies in Depth [Webinar] Banner

Last modified: Thursday, 15 February 2018, 11:43 AM