MongoDB Practical Jump Start [Seminar]

MongoDB is one of today's most popular NoSQL Databases. This seminar focuses on this database, overviews its capabilities and introduces the main tools for using it. As a neutral company (we are not affiliated with any specific company), this seminar is not biased towards the use of specific tools and/or specific solutions developed by the MongoDB company or any other company. 

Taking this seminar you will become familiar with MongoDB, its capabilities and become capable of using it in your projects. This seminar will be captured on video in order to allow you going over the material when the seminar ends. Attending this seminar online is feasible. When doing so, the fee remains the same. This seminar is delivered either in English or in Hebrew. When taking place in Israel it will be delivered in Hebrew. Each participant should come with his own laptop. Wifi connectivity will be available.

This seminar is open to everyone. The only prerequisite is having basic experience in JavaScript. 

Jump Start
MongoDB Shell
Data Types
CRUD Operations

Haim Michael
This seminar is delivered by Haim Michael, who has more than 18 years of experience in software development, training & consulting. During the years, Haim has taught both academic and professional courses on C\C++, Java, Java EE, PHP, Scala, Android, HTML5, .NET, JavaScript and UML. During the years 2001-2007 Haim has focused on running Zindell Technologies, through which he has developed more than 200 titles for mobile telephones, both games and applications, and published them worldwide. As of 2007, Haim focuses on developing free online software development courses ( Haim is a PHP Zend Certified Engineer, OMG Certified UML Professional, Certified Java Professional and a Certified Java EE Web Components Developer. In addition, Haim Michael holds MBA (cum-laude) from Tel-Aviv University. You can find feedbacks Haim received for his work at More info about feedbacks Haim received for his training capabilities at info about conferences in which Haim took part and spoke at info about Haim's experience can be found in Haim's Linkedin's page at and his blog at
This seminar is delivered both in English and in Hebrew. Make sure you register a seminar delivered in your language.

Hebrew 5/2/2017  0900-1700 GM+2Herzliya, Israel  register 
Hebrew 18/3/2018     0900-1700 GM+2 Herzliya, Israel  register
Hebrew24/4/2018   0900-1700 GM+2Herzliya, Israel  register

Cancellation Terms
The cancellation terms are listed (in Hebrew) at and (in English) at

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