Swift Fundamentals

This course covers the Fundamental topics of Swift 4.0, including the new capabilities added in Swift 4.0. The course includes 90 academic hours delivered in 18 meetings. 

The entire course is captured on video in order to allow the students to effectively go over the material in between the meetings as well as after course ends. 

You can find the detailed plan of this course at http://tinyurl.com/lifemichaelswift. Small changes in this detailed plan might occur in order to adjust the course intensity in accordance with the students in class and in order to reflect changes in Swift during the course.   

The course is delivered by Haim Michael. Feedbacks for Haim's training delivery can be found at http://speakerpedia.com/speakers/life-michael. Information about Haim's speaking experience in conferences worldwide can be found at lanyrd.com/profile/lifemichael.

The training material (slides, assignments etc.) was developed in English. Therefore, candidates are required to have the capability of reading texts in English. The course itself (explanations in class) is delivered in Hebrew.

The course includes lots of relatively small assignments and a final project the students develop as an open source project and make it available for other developers to use

You can find the detailed plan of this course at http://tinyurl.com/lifemichaelswift.

Special Terms & Conditions
The ticket is not transferable unless a written permission was issued by life michael. The participant is aware of the extensive practice he is required to complete at home

Cancellation Terms
The cancellation terms are listed (in Hebrew) at http://www.lifemichael.com/docs/takanoneeshur.pdf and (in English) at http://www.lifemichael.com/docs/takanoneeshuren.pdf.

Language       Day                    Starting Date         Hours                           Location                         Registration

Hebrew          Sundays            24/12/2017            1800-2200 GMT+1     WeWork (Herzliya)        Click Here

You can leave your contact details at http://swift.course.lifemichael.com and we will get back to you.

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