We continuously develop new seminars covering new advanced technologies. We are not affiliated with any of the companies that develop these new technologies, which allows us to maintain a neutral approach that puts on our clients first (before the any other company's interest). 

We deliver our seminars worldwide, both in English and in Hebrew. Each one of our professional seminars focuses on a specific domain. In most cases, the seminar can be delivered both in Hebrew or in English. The public professional seminars currently delivered include the following ones. 

TypeScript Seminar Banner    Python Seminar Banner    TypeScript Seminar Banner  

TypeScript Seminar Banner    Kotlin Seminar Banner    Kotlin Seminar Banner

PHP 7.x Overview Seminar    MongoDB Seminar Banner    SOLID Seminar Banner 

TypeScript Seminar Banner    Kotlin Seminar Banner    Kotlin Seminar Banner

Each one of these seminars is delivered worldwide in different locations. The locations, dates and fees are listed separately for each seminar. It is possible to attend our seminars remotely online. We use the GoToMeeting platform in order to allow the remote online participation. 

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