Python Fast Track [Webinar]

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world ( This webinar was developed specifically for software developers with background in classic OOP. Whether you know Java, C++, C# or PHP, taking this webinar would be your fastest way possible for learning Python.

This webinar will be captured on video in order to allow you going over the material after the webinar ends. The webinar is limited to 20 participants in order to allow a fruitful interactivity between the participants and the lecturer. This webinar includes two parts. The first part will take place on Sunday (January 19th 2017) and the second one will take place on Sunday the week after (January 26th 2017). On each one of these two dates the webinar will start at 1800 GMT+2 and ends at 2130 GMT+2. 

This participants should be already familiar with the basic procedural programming language topics (loop statements, functions and arrays), and with the basic object oriented programming topics (objects instantiated from class, inheritance).

Functional Programming

Haim Michael  
This webinar is delivered by Haim Michael, who has more than 18 years of experience in software development, training & consulting. During the years, Haim has taught both academic and professional courses on C\C++, Java, Java EE, PHP, Scala, Android, HTML5, .NET, JavaScript and UML. During the years 2001-2007 Haim has focused on running Zindell Technologies, through which he has developed more than 200 titles for mobile telephones, both games and applications, and published them worldwide. As of 2007, Haim focuses on developing free online software development courses ( Haim is a PHP Zend Certified Engineer, OMG Certified UML Professional, Certified Java Professional and a Certified Java EE Web Components Developer. In addition, Haim Michael holds MBA (cumlaude) from Tel-Aviv University. 

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This webinar is delivered both in english and in hebrew. Make sure the specified language meets with your expectations.

Hebrew    Thursday 19/1/2017     1800-1930 GMT+2, 2000-2130 GMT+2      
Thursday 26/1/2017     1800-1930 GMT+2, 2000-2130 GMT+2
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English  Sunday   19/2/2017       1800-1930 GMT+2, 1800-2130 GMT+2
Tuesday  21/2/2017      1800-1930 GMT+2, 1800-2130 GMT+2   
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Cancellation Terms

The fee paid for every webinar and every seminar includes a set-up fee of $50. When cancelling the registration the set up fee will not be returned. The reminder will be returned if the registration cancel took place up to 7 business days before the webinar or the seminar) starts. 

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