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In a dynamic world with endless software development technologies that never stop to evolve the need in effective and up-to-date training for software developers has never been stronger. 

We focus on the delivery of professional training services for software developers and assist our clients with learning the newest software development programming languages, frameworks and technologies. We continuously develop new professional courses and seminars. Should you have a technology training need for which we still don't have a ready-to-deliver professional course, please don't hesitate and let us know. We will do our best to provide you with your professional requirements. 

In a dynamic world with software languages and technologies that never stop to evolve the need in accurate up to date technology oriented courses has never been stronger. The following courses were developed specifically for professional software developers. 

Apple Technologies  
XPERTAPPL3120Swift 4.0 FundamentalsDownload
Android Platform  
XPERTANDROID3950Android Fundamentals Download
XPERTANDROID3951App Widgets Development Download 
XPERTANDROID3952 Java Fundamentals for Android Download 
XPERTANDROID3953Android Hybrid ApplicationsDownload 
XPERTANDROID3954Android Effective ProgrammingDownload 
XPERTANDROID3955 Android Applications Testing Download
XPERTANDROID3956Android Basics Download 
XPERTANDROID3957 Android Extended Download 
XPERTANDROID3958Test Driven Development Download 
XPERTANDROID3959Debugging Best PracticesDownload 
XPERTANDROID3960 Analysis & Design using UML     Download 
XPERTANDROID3961Android Fast Track Download 
XPERTANDROID3962Android 3.0 Tablets UIDownload 
XPERTANDROID3963Quality AssuranceDownload  
Databases Systems   
ID Course Syllabus 
XPERTDB3100 SQL Fundamentls Download 
XPERTDB3101 Introduction to Apache Derby Download 
XPERTDB3102 Introduction to MySQL Download 
XPERTDB3103 SQL Professional  Download 
XPERTDB3104MongoDB Basics for Java Developers Download 
Google Technologies   
XPERTGOOGLE3980  Chrome Extensions Development  Download 
Java EE Application Servers  
XPERTJEESRV3200Introduction to Apache TomcatDownload
XPERTJEESRV3201Introduciton to GlassFishDownload
Java EE Frameworks  
XPERTJEEFRM3250JavaServer FaceletsDownload
XPERTJEEFRM3252The Spring FrameworkDownload
XPERTJEEFRM3253Introduction to Apache WicketDownload
XPERTJEEFRM3254JavaServer Faces FundamentalsDownload
XPERTJEEFRM3255GWT FundamentalsDownload
XPERTJEEFRM3256JBoss SeamDownload
XPERTJEEFRM3257Vaadin BasicsDownload 
Java FX Platform   
ID CourseSyllabus 
XPERTJFX3900 Java FX Fundamentals Download 
Java EE Platform  
XPERTJEE3300Developing JSP Custom TagsDownload
XPERTJEE3301EJB 3.0 FundamentalsDownload
XPERTJEE3302Hibernate FundamentalsDownload
XPERTJEE3303Introduction to PortletsDownload
XPERTJEE3304Java EE Developer's Guide to EclipseDownload
XPERTJEE3305Java EE Efficient ProgrammingDownload
XPERTJEE3306Java EE WorkshopsDownload
XPERTJEE3307Java Servlets & JSPDownload
XPERTJEE3308Java EE Web Services FundamentalsDownload
XPERTJEE3309The JSP Standard Tags LibraryDownload
XPERTJEE3310JPA Fundamentals Download 
XPERTJEE3311Web Services in Java Download 
Java ME Platform  
XPERTJME3350Developing Java ME ApplicationsDownload
XPERTJME3351Java ME Developer's Guide to EclipseDownload
XPERTJME3352Java ME WorkshopsDownload
Java SE Platform  
XPERTJSE3400Developing Java SE ApplicationsDownload
XPERTJSE3401Introduction to JAASDownload
XPERTJSE3402Java SE Core Web ServicesDownload
XPERTJSE3403Java SE 5.0 (Tiger) New FeaturesDownload
XPERTJSE3404Java SE 6.0 (Mustang) New FeaturesDownload
XPERTJSE3405Java SE 7.0 (Dolphin) New FeaturesDownload
XPERTJSE3406Java SE Collections FrameworkDownload
XPERTJSE3407Java SE Developer's Guide to EclipseDownload
XPERTJSE3408Java SE Developer's Guide to IntelliJDownload
XPERTJSE3409Java SE Efficient ProgrammingDownload
XPERTJSE3410Java SE Generics IntroductionDownload
XPERTJSE3411Java SE Images ProcessingDownload
XPERTJSE3412Java SE JDBC IntroductionDownload
XPERTJSE3413Java SE JNDI IntroductionDownload
XPERTJSE3414Java SE Refactoring TechniquesDownload
XPERTJSE3415Java SE Reflection IntroductionDownload
XPERTJSE3416Java SE Regular ExpressionDownload
XPERTJSE3417Java SE RMI FundamentalsDownload
XPERTJSE3418Java SE Swing IntroductionDownload
XPERTJSE3419Java SE WorkshopsDownload
XPERTJSE3420Java Security FundamentalsDownload
XPERTJSE3421OCP Java Programmer Exam PreparationDownload
XPERTJSE3422Java Fundamentals Download
XPERTJSE3423Java Jump Start for C++ Programmers Download
XPERTJSE3424 Java Jump Start for C# Programmers Download
XPERTJSE3425Java SE Assertion FacilityDownload
XPERTJSE3426Java SE Annotations FacilityDownload
XPERTJSE3427The eXtreme Java TrackDownload 
XPERTJSE3428Java Fundamentals for Java EE Development Download 
XPERTJSE3429Java Fundamentals for Java SE Development Download 
XPERTJSE3430AspectJ Fundamentals Download 
XPERTJSE3431 Introduction to Java 8 Download 
XPERTJSE3432 Functional Programming in Java Download 
JavaScript Frameworks   
XPERTAJAX3050 The jMaki Framework Download 
XPERTAJAX3051 The Dojo Toolkit Download 
XPERTAJAX3052 The jQuery Library Download 
XPERTAJAX3053 The jQueryMobile Framework Download 
Angular 4.0 BasicsDownload
Microsoft Technologies  
XPERTMIC3500C# FundamentalsDownload
XPERTMIC3501C# Jump Start for Java ProgrammersDownload
XPERTMIC3502ASP.NET Fundamentals Download 
XPERTMIC3503WPF Fundamentals Download 
XPERTMIC3504 WCF Fundamentals Download 
XPERTMIC3505Concurrent Programming in .NET 4.0 Download  
XPERTMIC3506Windows Phone 7 FundamentalsDownload  
XPERTMIC3507ASP.NET Fast Track Download 
XPERTMIC3508Introduction to The Entity FrameworkDownload  
PHP Platform  
XPERTPHP3550PHP FundamentalsDownload
XPERTPHP3551PHP SecurityDownload
XPERTPHP3552PHP Web ServicesDownload
XPERTPHP3553PHP Zend FrameworkDownload
XPERTPHP3554ZCE Exam PreparationDownload
XPERTPHP3555 PHP AdvancedDownload
XPERTPHP3556PHP Jump StartDownload
XPERTPHP3557PHP Web Applications DevelopmentDownload
XPERTPHP3558PHP Fast TrackDownload
Programming Basics  
XPERTBASIC3150Introduction to The Internet Download 
XPERTBASIC3151 Introduction to Object Oriented Programming Download 
XPERTBASIC3152Introduction to Procedural Programming Download 
Projects Management  
XPERTPMP3600Agile Software DevelopmentDownload
XPERTPMP3601Introduction to AntDownload
XPERTPMP3602Introduction to MavenDownload
XPERTPMP3603The Cactus FrameworkDownload
XPERTPMP3604The CVS Version Control SystemDownload
XPERTPMP3605Web Design GUI UsabilityDownload
XPERTPMP3606JUnit Testing FrameworkDownload
Python Platform   
ID Course Syllabus
XPERTPYTHON3780 Python Fundamentals Download 
Ruby on Rails Framework  
XPERTRUBY3650Introduction to Ruby on RailsDownload
Scala Platform  
XPERATOSCALA3380Scala FundamentalsDownload
Social Networks  
XPERTSOCIAL3700Facebook PHP ApplicationsDownload
XPERTSOCIAL3701 Facebook Social Plugins Download 
XPERTSOCIAL3702 Facebook JavaScript SDK Download 
XPERTSOCIAL3703 The Facebook Graph API Download 
Software Engineering  
XPERTENG3750Java EE Design PatternsDownload
XPERTENG3751Java SE Design PatternsDownload
XPERTENG3752PHP Design PatternsDownload
XPERTENG3753C# Design Patterns Download
Python Design Patterns 
Software Architecture  
ID Course Syllabus 
XPERTARCH3850SysML 1.0 FundamentalsDownload
XPERTARCH3851The OCUP Fundamentals ExamDownload
XPERTARCH3852UML 2.1 FundamentalsDownload
XPERTARCH3853SysML 1.0 Overview for Software EngineersDownload
XPERTARCH3854SysML 1.0 for UML ProfessionalsDownload
XPERTARCH3855Wireless Devices Software DevelopmentDownload
XPERTARCH3856SysML 1.0 Overview for System Engineers Download
XPERTARCH3857UML 2.1 & SysML 1.0 Overview for System Engineers        Download
XPERTARCH3858PHP Web Applications Overview Download
XPERTARCH3859 SoaML 2.0 FundamentalsDownload 
XPERTARCH3860 Mobile Hybrid Applications Download 
XPERTARCH3861  Introduction to SOA and Web Services Download 
XPERTARCH3862 Introduction to Software ArchitectureDownload 
XPERTARCH3863UML with Rational Rose Download 
User Interface  
ID Course Syllabus 
XPERTUI3830Designing Web Interface Download 
Web 2.0 Technologies  
XPERTWEB3800Ajax ProgrammingDownload
XPERTWEB3801Java Script ProgrammingDownload
XPERTWEB3802XML FundamentalsDownload
XPERTWEB3803CSS FundamentalsDownload
XPERTWEB3804XHTML FundamentalsDownload
XPERTWEB3805XML ProfessionalDownload 
XPERTWEB3806 Introduction to HTML 5 Download 
XPERTWEB3807 Rich Internet Applications Download 
XPERTWEB3808TypeScript Fundamentals 
FED Technologies OverviewDownload 
XPERTWEB3811DOM Fundamentals Download  
XPERTWEB3812 JavaScript Style Guide Download  









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